Ya’ll, this post has been a long time coming! So many of you have been asking, “how the heck do I rent this space? Who is the contact? What is the deal?” Well, after speaking with the City Manager’s office, I have all the details for you on how to acquire the Library Terrace….and guess […]

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The Library Terrace, A FREE Wedding Ceremony Space in Williamsburg

Did ya’ll know that there is a thing out there called the Newlywed report and people like me can’t wait to get their hands on it when it’s released each year? Why is this “report” so great? Because it provides me with a lot of the information I need to make educated decisions about our […]

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The Newlywed Report

Over the last couple of years, I have noticed a trend that is costing couples more on their wedding days. And that is the trend of wanting to take care of their guests in every possible way. I’ve seen couples and parents willing to stretch themselves thin financially¬†because it is important to throw the party […]

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Guests: What is expected and what is going above and beyond

There are so many details that go into planning a wedding. So many coupes get overwhelmed quickly because of these details. But what if I told you, half of the details that couples spend extensive time and LOTS of money on, aren’t even noticed by their wedding guests.¬†Today I am sharing some of the things […]

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What Your Wedding Guests Don’t Care About in Gif’s

Let’s be real ya’ll! If I had Barkley four years ago he would have absolutely been in our wedding! He is my child after all. This is a request we get at least a couple times a year and as a company who is just as much obsessed with pups as we are with weddings, […]

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How to Have Your Furry Friend in Your Wedding

Happy Sunday ya’ll! I recently had a meeting with a mom and a bride to discuss our wedding packages and learn more about how we could help them. By the end of the meeting, the mom was floored by the things I said we would handle on the day of and I was hired on […]

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4 Things You Had No Idea Wedding Planners Do

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Wanting to incorporate your furry friend or in our case "your son or daughter" into your wedding ceremony? Learn how we do it each weekend and all the pro tips to make it happen!

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Wondering what guests do and don't care about? We've been doing this for over twelve years and are sharing what we've learned guests really don't care about! And we are sharing it gif style!

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Looking for affordable wedding details that don't look like you got a deal? Learn our 5 affordable wedding hacks for year-around that are affordable and on trend!

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