Let’s be real ya’ll! If I had Barkley four years ago he would have absolutely been in our wedding! He is my child after all. This is a request we get at least a couple times a year and as a company who is just as much obsessed with pups as we are with weddings, […]

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How to Have Your Furry Friend in Your Wedding

Ya’ll get your tissues out, the photos in this post are going to have you sobbing! Over the years, first looks between couples have gotten more popular and it seems like just about every couple now is fitting in a first look between the bride and groom prior to the ceremony. We are all for first […]

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The New First Look: Brides & Their Dads

I was recently meeting with a mom of the bride who was given the fabulous duty of putting the guests welcome bags together. This can be a daunting task. What should go in these bags? Who gets these welcome bags and how in the h-e double hockey sticks, do you get the bags to the guests? […]

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5 Must Haves for Your Guests Welcome Bags

Over the years, we have done many Wren Chapel Weddings. With the majority of our client base being William & Mary alumni, we are some of the lucky few who get to execute weddings in the stunning and historic Wren Chapel! We have learned all the ins and outs of performing a ceremony at this […]

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5 Things To Know When Planning a Wren Chapel Wedding

For all my florist friends out there, I’m sorry this is something a lot of brides have been asking me lately! Over the past couple of months, I have discussed alternative centerpiece options more and more in our wedding consultations. Today, I’d like to share with you three centerpieces that do not utilize flowers. Now […]

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3 Wedding Centerpieces That Are Not Flowers

First looks have been hugely popular in the last couple of years. Some couples are all about them and some are absolutely against them. There certainly are benefits to seeing each other prior to the wedding ceremony, but is it worth it for every couple?’ Couples ask me all the time, “what is typical? What […]

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Should You Do A First Look?

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